Apple Smart Cover for iPad mini is now available for just $29

The official Smart Case cover for the iPad Mini hits a new low, down $29 from its usual price of $39 on Amazon. That may not sound much, but keep in mind that it’s rare that Apple products see deals like these.

The official Smart Cover wraps up your iPad Mini in a protective case and props it up for watching movies, TV shows and FaceTime calls. The auto wake and sleep features make using and stashing away your iPad a quick and snappy affair.

Apple Smart Cover for iPad mini

If you’re a diehard Apple enthusiast, then it makes sense to invest in the Smart Cover for your device. You can easily take it off and snap it on depending on what you want to do. Plus, it’s made specially for the iPad Mini so you can be sure that the fit will be snug and your tablet won’t fall out randomly while in use.

Buy the iPad Mini Smart Cover now while supplies last!

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