Adobe continues working to release the Photoshop for iPad an ‘all in’ app to be used by creative professionals for top-shelf projects. John Gruber of Daring Fireball echoes this sentiment, and adds that the team plans to add features and fine details in the first touch-enabled user interface.

Adobe Intends to Make Photoshop for iPad 'Real'

Gruber states that while beta testers are complaining about the lack of core features in the iPad app version, the developers are hard at work to creative a ‘real’ Photoshop by employing the same code as for the desktop version. He further explains that while it may appear as such, Photoshop for iPad will not be a mirror of the desktop version.

Adobe’s plans to make a Photoshop app for the iPad began in October 2018, but so far the team is still in the beta testing phase with no word regarding the official release.

Photoshop CC for iPad will include features such as guides, grids, smart objects, curve adjustment, color swatches, custom fonts and brushes, shapes, paths and rotate canvas.


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