Apple breaks talks with Samsung Over 2022 iPad Air display

Apple is reported to have cancelled a project collaboration with Samsung for its 2022 iPad Air due to durability, brightness and cost concerns.

The Cupertino-based company was planning to have OLED screens for its upcoming iPad Air update next year, and the iPad Pro in 2023. Recent news points to speculation that Apple wasn’t satisfied with Samsung’s progress.

The Elec mentioned that Apple called off the project due to how Samsung was planning to produce the single stack panel, and how Apple wanted the panels to follow a tandem structure. Apple claims that a single stack won’t produce enough brightness and may have an effect on its lifespan because of how the iPad will be held. Furthermore, it’s been said that a dual-stack structure may extend the display’s lifespan up to 4x.

Samsung countered that the double stack won’t be cost-effective unless the iPad Air has a long market life. For now, there’s no other supplier in the mix.

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