Apple has Released YouTube Video Tutorials for the iPadOS 13

The long-awaited iPadOS 13 is here! In line with the momentous release, Apple has shared a few tutorial videos on how the new OS works and the features that come along with it on YouTube.

The ‘Look What You Can Do with iPadOS’ video reveals all the new things you can do with the OS, including swipe-to-type, full page screenshots, file management options and video editing.

Apple iPadOS YouTube Video

There’s a video that shows you how you can type faster on your iPad via the QuickPath feature, one that reveals text editing solutions and one that reveals how you can multi-task using Split View and Slide Over.

You can learn more about the new iPadOS 13 when you head over to Apple’s official YouTube channel, Apple Support.

To those who have newer iPad models, you can get the update by going to your iPad’s Settings, then System and select ‘Update’.