Apple highlights Magic Keyboard in a new “Float” iPad Pro video

Today Apple shared a new video ad that is titled “Float.” This ad showcases the new iPad Pro along with its Magic Keyboard. In the video, Apple shows a beautiful colorful hummingbird that floats around the new iPad Pro that has an attached Magic Keyboard. Apple uses the tagline, “your next computer is not a computer.”

The description of the video describes this new product. It says this iPad Pro is faster than many PCs and laptops and it also features a mobile display. Apple also gives the description of the cameras on the new iPad Pro. With the new Ultra Wide and Wide cameras along with the LiDar scanner, you can now take the augmented reality to its next level. The video shows the hummingbird floating around the iPad Pro showcasing every corner and it also floats right in front of the Dual-lens system which captures its image in perfection. 

iPad Pro

The video also shows the hummingbird seemingly hovering all over the iPad Pro which also adjusts to different angles. Apple uses the Stand with a magnetic attachment for various view angles. 

Apple planned to launch the Magic Keyboard in May but launched it earlier than the announced date.