Apple lobbies for extra incentives in iPad India production

Apple is in talks with the government of India to get incentives to increase iPad production in the country.

Reuters reports that Wistron had benefited from incentives when Narendra Modi, India’s PM put out a $6.7 billion project to increase smartphone assembly. Now, India plans to roll out another program that’s linked to performance and gives back money to manufacturers depending on their exports. The $965-million incentive is expected to go live by February this year, with Apple and other tech firms are asking for the program to have a higher ceiling of $2.74 billion.

In similar matters, authorities in New Delhi are also planning to launch a similar scheme but catering towards smartwatches. The $687 million investment will be given out in a 5-year term.

Wistron is one of Apple’s partners in India. Its main iPhone plant is located in Narasapura and will enjoy the incentives when it goes in effect.

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