Apple has uploaded a new video that teaches iPad users how to create animated collage projects.

New iPad Animated Collage Tutorial Video

The video, titled ‘How to Craft Your Mantra Collage on iPad with Quentin Jones’ features the artist sharing tips on how they can use Keynote to make their own collages.

It’s part of the ‘Creative Projects’ series and uses the iPad, as well as the Apple Pencil. Apple Creative Pro Anthony and Quentin Jones take part in the video.

The tutorial covers iPad and Keynote features, particularly Instant Alpha, the Shapes Tool and Split View, and Apple Pencil to add decorative elements and words.

Viewers can follow along on their iPads and Apple Pencils, and the Keynote app which is free to download on the iPad App Store.

The video is available to watch on the official Apple YouTube channel. Past Today at Apple projects include drawing Peanuts-themed characters and editing and capturing videos in Night Mode.


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