Apple says 81% devices run iOS 13 and iPadOS is at 73%

Earlier today Apple released iOS the statistics for its developers. According to the updated statistics, 81% of iPod Touch and iPhone devices use iOS 13. The statistics also show that 73% of iPads run iPadOS.

According to Apple’s statistics, 92 percent of users of the iPhone has iOS 13 from the past four years. 7% of users have iOS 12 and 2 percent are running the previous versions of the iOS.


According to the statistics considering all the devices shipped including both iPads and iPhones, 81% of devices have iOS 13 on them. 13% of devices run iOS 12 and 6% devices have earlier versions of the iOS.

Apple has been sharing the adoption numbers for iPadOS separately since its release. For all iPad devices that Apple launched in the past four years, 93% have iPadOS. Of all the iPad devices launched by Apple 73% use iPadOS.

Appel releases these numbers and statistics ahead of the WWDC starting on June 20. The company will introduce iOS 14 during the event. Apple has the time frame of 4 years in the statistics to avoid having the devices that are no longer being updated.