Archaeologist team at Pompeii highlight the importance of iPad Pro

Apple highlights the iPad Pro and the role it plays in the excavation of Pompeii.

A recent archaeological excavation in Pompeii gave props to the iPad Pro as it helped them discover a trove of artifacts. Tulane University professor and team leader Allison Emmerson says that the Apple tablet is the ‘perfect archaeology machine’ because of its technology and processing power.

iPad Pro

Emmerson states that excavation is a destructive process, and that collected data allows future researchers to ‘reconstruct the site’. As for the iPad Pro, she says that the tablet has the power needed to aggregate data and present it like never before.

The recording of information has typically been photos on separate cameras and transferring notes to a computer, but with the iPad Pro all that’s needed is an Apple Pencil. Carleton College supervisor Jordan Rogers said that the introduction of the iPad Pro has made the process effective and efficient.