Apple Smart Keyboard for iPad (7th Gen) and iPad Air (3rd Gen) drops to $149

Are you looking for a Keyboard for your iPad and iPad Air? You won’t get many keyboards that are compatible with your iPads. It is why you should always buy the best and the most reliable Apple Smart Keyboard for your iPad and iPad Air. 

Apple Smart Keyboard

If you have a 7th Generation iPad and a 3rd generation iPad Air, then you can buy this Generation Apple Smart Keyboard at a discounted price on Amazon. It is available for $149.98 instead of $159. 

Apple Smart Keyboard

It is a great keyboard with a good sleek design. It is easy to set up with the compatible iPad and iPad Air. It automatically connects with these models.  You will not need any extra pairing device to use it. 

It is a full-sized keyboard that allows you to create a presentation or write a paper with ease. It gives you a better typing experience. It has soft keys which are easy to press. After use, you can easily fold it and use it as a cover. It is also compatible with 10.5-inch iPad Pro.

Now you have a chance to save $9.02 on this Apple Smart keyboard when you by it on Amazon.