Craig Federighi Demonstrates new Magic Keyboard and iPad Pro

The coronavirus outbreak has hit the US hard. Companies all across the USA are canceling their significant events. One such event by Apple was the March event in which Apple had plans to introduce new iPad Pro.

As there is no March event to unveil the new iPad Pro, MacBook Air, and the Magic Keyboard, Apple’s ware engineering chief Craig Federighi shows a demo video for the new Magic Keyboard and trackpad support on the iPad.

The Verge shared the video created by Federighi. The video gives a lot of insight into the various features of the new iPad Pro and the Magic Keyboard. The primary feature which the iPadOS will have is the addition of mouse and trackpad support. 

Craig Federighi Demonstrates new Magic Keyboard and iPad Pro

He introduces features such as: “But of course, we give you so many other ways to interact with the ‌iPad‌, and sometimes you want to type. For typing, nothing beats the Magic Keyboard. It’s when typing that you most appreciate the precision and ergo of a trackpad. In bringing mouse and trackpad support to iPadOS, we deeply considered the way to bring a cursor to a touch-first environment.”

This new iPad Pro and the Magic Keyboard is not coming out until May 2020.

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