The city of Edinburgh, Scotland will be giving away nearly 40,000 iPads as part of its ‘Edinburgh Learns for Life’ program.


In partnership with CGI, Edinburgh’s ICT services provider students aged between 10 to 17, as well as education staff will get an iPad via a $24M grant. The devices are part of the Edinburgh Empowered Learning initiative, which starts September this year until the end of next year. In line with this Edinburgh schools are pushing for tech-savvy learning with new wireless access points.

Edinburgh City Education Convener and Councillor Ian Perry says that the project is a ‘game changer’ for teaching and learning, and improves motivation and engagement for the young people. Perry says that it will also improve collaboration between learner and teacher and drive creativity to new levels.

The iPad is quickly becoming the device of choice for schools due to its portability and access to educational tools and apps.


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