iPad 2 now listed as ‘Obsolete’ Globally

Apple today has listed the 2nd generation iPad in the obsolete list worldwide after putting it within the ‘vintage and obsolete’ list May 2019, where it’s considered as such in Turkey and the United States.

The 2nd gen iPad, launched in March 2011 was 33 percent thinner than its predecessor and had improved and new features such as a dual core A5 processor, a gyroscope and front-facing cameras. It was also introduced in black and white color options. It was released less than one year after the 1st gen iPad was launched.


In terms of hardware the iPad 2 had a 4:3, 768×1024 screen resolution, scratch-resistant glass, dual band WiFi and a 7,000 mAh battery that can last up to 10 hours.

Apple regularly updates its products and puts them under the ‘obsolete’ list if it’s discontinued for 7 years or more. The product will not be eligible for hardware service from Apple or any of its service providers.