iPad Air 5 owners complain of build quality and creaking


Just days after receiving their new iPad Air 5 device users are taking to social media to complain about build quality.

iPad Air

Posts regarding the iPad Air 5 having a thinner aluminum shell have hit the internet, which results in a lot of creaking and a hollowness when users hold the device. Furthermore, there were some comments about display warp due to light pressure built on the back. A Reddit thread went on and mentioned that they had concerns over build quality, which ballooned into several others agreeing and expanding on the issue.

Online reviews are trickling in, but so far none have mentioned bad build quality. Aside from new color options, the 5th gen iPad Air shares some similarity over its predecessor, albeit with the new M1 chip, 5G connectivity and USB-C for data transfer and charging.

The 5th generation iPad Air is available to buy in-store from March 18 in the US.

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