iPad shipments might see a decline this year due to 7% decline in Tablet market


According to the forecast made by the Canalys which is a market research firm, there will be a decline in the PC and Tablet sales this year. The firm says that the decline will be due to the ongoing global pandemic.


In the first quarter, the PC shipments fell by 9% and Canalys predicts that there will be a marginal recovery in it; however the recovery will not be significant, because the shipments will not rise in the coming years.

iPad shipping

According to the report by Canalys, the tablet and PC shipments can reach 367.8 million units when this year ends. It is 7% down from the last year’s shipments which were 395.6 million units. The report also suggests that Apple might also see a lower shipment in the iPads this year. the lower purchases and shipments will be due to the reason the consumer thinks that these are “non-essential” purchases.

The report also says that consumers will move away from spending money on buying non-essential devices such as Apple tablets. Canalys predicts that the recovery will not be until 2022, it is when the market will grow 4%. Another report also says that iPhone sales also dropped 8% this year.


Samantha Wiley

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