iPad Twitter App Updated with Redesigned Interface

iPad Twitter App Updated with Redesigned Interface

The official Twitter app for the iPad has received an update today, with the most notable improvement being a redesigned interface, which allows users to make the most of a larger screen.

Before, the Twitter app used the same layout as the iPhone’s, which meant iPad owners had to scroll through a single timeline with white borders on either side. The developers removed the single layout format and replaced it with a multi-column format that works in both landscape and portrait mode.

In hindsight, the layout is similar to the web version of the social media platform, but with a few differences. The menu bar gets relocated to the left side while trending topics show up on the right side.

There’s currently no way to change the 3-column view in terms of checking mentions, direct messages and added timelines, but the real estate optimization on iPad is a welcome change.

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