iPadOS 15 Auto Translate Promises faster, conversation-like experience

iPadOS 15 will be bringing a new feature called Auto Translate within the Translate app, which promises real-time conversations in two different languages.

Apple will be launching translation features across its ecosystem, including iOS, iPadOS and macOS. There’s the new Translate app, on-device languages and system wide text translation, among others. The Translate app will also have a Conversation mode where users can speak or type into a device and get it translated.

iPadOS 15 Auto Translate

The software is currently undergoing developer beta but users report a smooth experience other than the occasional translation glitch and mic pickup lag. The app displays the language as its transcribed and the translation can be found directly underneath. Furthermore, text bubbles appear to the left or right and is similar to a text conversation.

Apple has not yet set an official launch date, but it’s a step towards seamless communication between two people who are side by side and speak different languages.

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