New redesigned Magic Keyboard to launch with new iPad Pro

Mark Gurman of Bloomberg claims that Apple will be launching a redesigned Magic Keyboard alongside the new iPad Pro.

In the latest ‘Power On’ newsletter, Gurman said that the upcoming iPad Pro will have ‘fundamental changes’, 11-inch and 13-inch size options, OLED displays, and the M3 chip. He also revealed the codename for the models, namely J721, J720, J718, and J717. As part of the overhaul, Apple is reportedly launching a new Magic Keyboard specifically to accompany the iPad Pro.

iPad Pro

The new Magic Keyboard is believed to have a larger trackpad and transform the high-end tablet into ‘more like a laptop’ The price and other details haven’t been disclosed, but we can expect more soon as the expected launch nears.

Apple is expected to reveal the new Magic Keyboard and next-generation iPad Pro models in early summer or spring of 2024. The product line refresh hopes to bring more sales next year.