Oasis Community Learning donates 30,000 iPads to teachers and disadvantaged pupils

A UK-based schools group called Oasis Community Learning is giving away free iPads thru the Oasis Horizons program to remove learn at home barriers.

Oasis will be delivering 30,000 iPad units in all to staff, sixth form, secondary and primary students over the course of a year. The program aims to make online learning accessible even to disadvantaged youths.


The COVID-19 pandemic has deepened inequality in that some children could go to schools in an online setting while others have no access to essential educational tools. About a third of Oasis learners come from homes where English isn’t the first language, and the iPads’ translation tool can be helpful when it comes to educational projects.

Students who will be receiving the free iPads will be taught to take care of the tablet and how to use it to the fullest, while teachers can get marking and lesson planning assistance.

Oasis Community Learning CEO John Murphy says that familiarity with devices such as the iPad can help students with their learning and pursuing aspirational careers.