OLED iPad Pro might have 4TB storage

A new rumor claims that the upcoming iPad Pro with OLED may have a 4TB storage option.

‘Yeux1122’ leaked information recently about the 4TB capacity option for the upgraded iPad Pro. The leaker said that the increase in storage was included as part of the update. He said that the source came from a supply chain company that remains unnamed.

iPad Pro

The iPad Pro lineup is expected to roll out an OLED display in early 2024, with a switch from the previous mini-LED option. While it’s possible that Apple will offer higher storage options for its premium iPad model, the Cupertino-based company has not made an announcement yet as to the product. The iPad Pro can certainly use a higher capacity and exceed the 2TB limit in existing models.

‘Yeux1122’ also leaked details about the ProMotion being an exclusive to the iPhone 15 Pro and surrounding the iPhone 14, although not all the leaks came true.