OLED iPad Pro on track for 2024 release

Apple has continued with the development of a new iPad Pro with an OLED display, according to rumors.

In 2023 there were some who claimed that Apple will be refreshing its iPad Pro lineup to have an OLED display. During the time, the Cupertino-based company only had Mini LED displays but it’s believed that Apple will be shifting towards newer display technology in the immediate future.

iPad Pro

Apple already has OLED displays for its Apple Watch and iPhone models, but incorporating it into their tablets is apparently the next task. The Elec reported that Apple is on track for a 2024 release to bring OLED displays to the iPad Pro. Production for the iPad Pro, particularly the 11-inch and 13-inch models is expected to launch in 2024. It will use LTPO and TFT technology with a hybrid design which consists of a thin film and glass plate layer.

The Elec also said that MacBook with OLED displays will be delayed to give way to the iPad Pro.