Outlook update on iPad now supports multitasking


Tech giant Microsoft has updated its Outlook for iOS and now has multitasking features such as Slide Over and Split View on the iPad.

Outlook update on iPad now supports multitasking

iPad users can now drag files in other apps and drop them directly to Outlook, including documents, photos and more. Slide Over allows you to open Outlook even when you’re on another app, while Split View is just as it says- Outlook can now be opened on a side-by-side with other apps.

It’s easy to juggle multiple apps at once as long as you’ve updated to the newest iPadOS version. You can browse the web and reply to an email without having to switch windows, for instance.

The Outlook app for iPad and iPhone can be downloaded at the App Store free of charge. Interested users must have at least iOS 12 to be able to open it, although the new features will require iPadOS 13 as the minimum.

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