The 11-inch M2 iPad Pro is $100 Off

The newest iPad Pro is definitely a force to be reckoned with, hardware-wise. Today, the 4th generation M2 iPad Pro with 1TB of storage is down to just $1,399 from its original price of $1,499 on Amazon.

The iPad Pro has always been the high-end model in the iPad lineup, and this time it’s cemented with the inclusion of the M2 chip. With 8 CPU cores and 10 GPU cores, there’s no software, app, game, or content creation the iPad Pro can’t run, and it’s super efficient in terms of power consumption. A full charge can easily last a whole day even with heavy use.

Apple iPad Pro

The 11-inch Retina display fits into the whole picture, producing vibrant and accurate colors. You’ll be able to edit photos and videos, as well as watch your favorite shows in crisp detail. Rounding out the details are Face ID, Wi-Fi 6E, and the latest iPadOS. Buy the 11-inch M2 iPad Pro today!