The iPad mini 6 is an investment that’s worth protecting. Today, you can grab the OtterBox Defender iPad mini 6 Case for only $34.10 from its original price of $70 on Amazon.

iPad mini 6 in a Branded Protective Case

Otterbox’s Defender series is aptly named as it provides superior measures against daily wear and tear. First, it has a drop protection that’s been designed and tested and consists of an inner and outer shell and slipcover, as well as a stand and screen shield. The ports have covers to keep away dust and dirt from getting inside your tablet.

The Defender iPad Mini 6 Case adds a few nice touches along the way. You can prop up the stand at the back and watch videos or do Facetime calls in hands-free mode. You also get a lifetime warranty for the iPad mini 6 case with every purchase.

Save your new iPad mini 6 and your wallet with the 51% off Otterbox Defender Case today!


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