Tony Fadell Takes to Twitter to Discuss iPod Development

Classic iPod creator Tony Fadell took some time to answer questions on Twitter about one of the most iconic tech devices we’ve ever had.

The Q&A started off with Fadell admitting that the success of products like the iPhone and iPod was due to excellent market timing. The iPod designer mentioned that he was able to create the iPod in just 10 months after getting the go signal, a move that surprised even the former Apple CEO Steve Jobs.

Tony Fadell Takes to Twitter to Discuss iPod Development

Fadell says that he wouldn’t change one thing about the history of the iPod because he felt that everyone did their best during the time. In the early years, Apple worked with Toshiba for the internal hard drives, then switched to Samsung for flash memories on the iPod Nano.

The iPod creator also stated that the business model of having high-end models with new features made the product so successful. In addition, cheaper models were also offered so those who were on a budget could join the Apple ecosystem.