Turn Your iPad Pro into a Functional Laptop at $25 Off

The 12.9 inch iPad Pro has all the makings of a replacement laptop, with hardware and features that allow you to multitask and open graphic-intensive apps and software with ease.

If the only thing you need is a keyboard, then you should definitely get a keyboard case for it. Today, the ESR Rebound Magnetic iPad Pro Keyboard Case is down to just $134.97 from its original price of $160 on Amazon.

iPad Pro

With the Rebound Case not only do you get a capable keyboard but also a trackpad as well. You can ditch the laptop at home and still get work done.

Productivity won’t be compromised, thanks to easy navigation and a floating cantilever design, which means you can set your iPad Pro at the perfect angle depending on what you’re doing.

There’s even a row of shortcuts for greater efficiency. Last but not least, the keys are backlit so you can continue even when it’s dark.

Get the discounted ESR Rebound iPad Pro Case today!