Apple releases how-to videos showcasing new iPadOS features


Today Apple released iPadOS, its new OS dedicated to just iPads. The focus with iPadOS is to separate the iPhone and iPad software to enable new features specific to the iPad. The iPad is a bigger device with more screen real estate, it can do more and the iPadOS brings new features like Slide Over, Split View, gestures for text editing, and QuickPath. 

iPadOS videos

To make it easier for iPad users to know about these features and understand how to use them, Apple has released a series of videos on YouTube explaining the functionality and step-by-step use of the feature. These videos can be found on YouTube channel named “Apple Support”. Till now, the company has released four videos explaining various new iPadOS features.

The first video of the series talks about the new “Slide Over” feature which allows users to access an app on top of another app by creating a mini window on the side by just swiping. The “Slide Over” bar can be scrolled through to open a different app. Its a non-intrusive way to get something done quickly without closing the current app you are working on. 

The second video of the series talks about the improved multitasking in the iPadOS. Users can now open two instances of the same app and use them side by side. Prior to the iPadOS, users were restricted to just using two different apps side by side. However, now users can create two instances of the same app and with added functionality of drag & drop in iPadOS, users can do a lot more now.

The third video talks about how users can now use gestures to edit text. A three finger pinch gesture copies the text on the screen and three finger pinch out gesture will paste the copied text. Another video talks about the latest QuickPath keyboard feature which allows swipe typing.

Abhay Ram

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