Apple should combine macOS and iPadOS for innovation’s sake

Steve Jobs kicked off the PostPC era in 2010 with the introduction of the iPad. The iPhone has already threatened the traditional PC setup (laptop/desktop) as more and more people buy smartphones compared to Home PCs.

However, the iPad has not been able to reach the goals it was once thought it would reach. The iPad was thought of as a PC killer, while it is used by people for some tasks, it has not completely replaced the PC as it performs very little tasks.

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The iPadOS has helped the case of the iPad by bringing a couple of traditional PC features to the iPad. However, it is still premature as iPadOS has not even finished one year since its birth. While the iPad centric operating system is not drastically different compared to the standard iOS found on the iPhone, it brings some nifty features to the iPad.

We expect Apple to work on bringing more Mac features to the iPad and maybe in the next two years, we could see the fruition of the work. Will Apple make a Frankenstein of an operating system by merging macOS and iPadOS? Well, I would not be mad at Apple if it did so.

For a couple of years now, Apple has been playing safe. The company released the Apple Watch, AirPods, acquired a streaming service, launched a lackluster TV streaming service – most of which are really good products but they do not push boundaries as the company is known for doing so.

The iPhone was the big product of Apple and it continues to be the product that makes most of the money for the company. If the iPad has to succeed, it does not matter how long it takes, the company has to push some boundaries.

Looking forward to a very interesting 2020 WWDC 😉