Will iPadOS take over the Mac in the future?


In 2010, Steve Jobs said that we would soon be entering the post-PC era and we have. The desktop/laptop is not no more considered as the main machine to sync your phone, music players, etc. 

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The smartphone has erupted as a device that can do everything on its own. It does not require the help of the desktop anymore. Furthermore, the smartphone has turned into a hub for connecting smartwatches, wireless audio devices, fitness bands, AR glasses, and more.

Along with that is the iPad or tablet but we can refer to the tablet as the “iPad” as no other device maker has succeeded in making a good tablet. Apple saw pretty strong years in the initial years of the iPad but the sales slowed as people were not upgrading their iPads as often as they upgraded their iPhones.

Well, it makes sense as the iPad and the iPhone most perform the same tasks except for the fact that the iPad offers a similar experience on a much larger screen. However, the recently released iPadOS brings a couple of new nifty features to the iPad that help Apple differentiate the iPad from the iPhone.

The tablet has been touted as a device that will replace the laptop. The setup that device makers want to sell is a large screen touch input device with an optional keyboard that can be connected when required. However, the process of using a tablet-keyboard setup is not as convenient as just opening the laptop and smacking the keys.

It appears as if we are far away from the future where the tablet takes over or a new device destroys the purpose of the laptop/desktop. However, we are hoping that iPadOS will bring some more interesting features that make it more appealing to laptop buyers. Also, a better keyboard will definitely help.


Abhay Ram

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