iPadOS changes the way iPad works


It’s been nine years since the original iPad was released. It was originally touted by some as a “big iPhone” and by some as a small sized Mac. In the past five years, Apple has tried to sell the iPad as a true replacement to the PC. However, it lacks a lot of features that are required to fulfill professional needs for a lot of pro users.

To basically change the scenario, Apple decided to make the operating system of the iPad into a separate software. The company unveiled iPadOS at its annual worldwide developer’s conference (WWDC) this year. It’s still very much similar to iOS but starting this year, the iPad will receive features that are tailored to work on a tablet.

iPad Pro for the Pro

iPad Pro has a single USB-C port
iPad Pro has a single USB-C port

Last year, Apple released the revamped iPad Pro which shook the tech industry with its amazing raw performance. The A12X chip, according to Apple is faster than 95% of the computers in the world. Those are great numbers but what can a user do with all that power without actual desktop-class applications. Also, the web-browser Safari on the iPad Pro displays mobile version of the web-pages which is a huge let down.

Desktop-class apps

iPadOS changes the way iPad works

With the iPadOS, Apple is bundling a reworked Safari browser which will allow users to work with popular web apps like Google Docs, WordPress, and Squarespace right on their iPad. At present, iOS 12 on the iPad Pro will display a mobile version of Google Docs or WordPress which is not user-friendly for editing documents or publishing per se. Also, Safari will bundle a new Downloads manager making it much easier to work with files.

iPadOS changes the way iPad works

Multitasking on the iPad has gotten better over the years but with iPadOS, it turns amazing. Until now, side-by-side apps would work with only two different apps but with iPadOS, users can open two instances of the same at the same time. How cool is that? Also, dragging and dropping “things” between apps works. Yay!

When will iPadOS release?

iPadOS is expected to be released in the month of September or October in 2019. 

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