iPadOS updates over 5G supported for the 2021 iPad Pro

Apple’s newest iPad Pro will have the capability to get OS updates via 5G, something that was previously exclusive to the iPhone 12.

Apple recently added the update with the rollout of 5G devices when it’s connected to the network. A new support page showed how this feature was added to iPadOS.

2021 iPad Pro

The ‘Use 5G with your iPad’ page shows users how they could enable the feature to access the 5G network on ‘Allow More Data on 5G’. When enabled, 5G makes for high definition streams and higher quality FaceTime videos, among others.

Apple says that the setting will be on by default for those that have an unlimited wireless plan and depending on the carrier. Otherwise it has to be activated manually.

To do this, iPad Pro owners can go to Settings, choose Cellular Data and Cellular Data Options, head to Data Mode and enable ‘Allow more data on 5G’.