iPads Are Helping in Multilingual Classrooms in Europe


Apple has shared in their most recent press release that iPads are helping teachers and students learn a new language alongside their regular curriculum.

iPad Multilingual Europe Students

In Europe, including schools as the Wilhelm Ferdinand Schussler Day School in Germany, teachers are using iPads to prepare video and written lessons for Middle East students to facilitate learning at their own pace.

The results of integrating iPads on educational curriculum are amazing. The 1:1 iPad program led to 100% graduating students at the Wilhelm Ferdinand Schussler institution, while at the Stenkulaskolan School in Sweden, teachers start to see an 80% math grade increase when they send home instructional videos in Swedish.

At the St. Cyres School in Wales, the 2018 class who participated in their “English as Additional Language” and used iPads had their grades improved by 3.8 points on average, outperforming their Welsh or English-speaking counterparts.

The full press release, which highlight schools and teachers using innovative technology, can be seen at the Apple website.

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