iPhone 11 will reportedly have three cameras and improved FaceID

With Samsung having unveiled its flagship phone the Galaxy S10, eyes are now locked at Apple. The next iPhone, rumoured to be named the iPhone 11, must offer something fresh to compete.

The most talked about feature of the iPhone 11 is the camera. It has been reported that, it will sport three cameras on the back. It’s unclear at the moment as to what exactly the third camera will do. The tech media has been quick to give their opinion: some expect it to make the images sharper.

The cameras could get significantly better

Galaxy S10 sports three cameras on the back

The third lens could also be used for taking super wide angle shot. The third camera on the Samsung Galaxy S10 is used just for that. While smartphone cameras have gotten better, they still can’t go head-to-head with DSLRs in some cases, so having more cameras does help.

Will the design of the iPhone 11 be different? Well, if Apple’s upgrade cycle is considered, the design will definitely be a little different. The company has a thing for two-year upgrade cycle. It will interesting to see a completely waterproof iPhone, only if Apple could re-engineer the insides of the phone.

iPad Pro uses USB-C

Few months ago, the rumour mill was keen on pointing out that, the next iPhone would use USB-C. It sounded like a move that Apple would make because the iPad Pro uses the same for charging and data transfer. However, the rumours quickly died down when reports by reputed personnel stated that, the next iPhone will continue to use Lightning.

Along with the iPhone 11, Apple is also reportedly ready to release the second generation of FaceID. It is expected to be considerably faster and easier to unlock compared to the current generation. It may also solve the issue people face when they try to unlock the phone under direct sunlight.

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