Apple has sent out invitations for its Special Event to be held on the 10th of September. The company is expected to unveil its next range of iPhones and if the rumours are true, a 16-inch MacBook Pro as well. However, the focus would most likely be on the iPhone, as traditionally the company has only released new iPhones at its September event.

By Innovation Only Apple Event

The event is to be held in the Steve Jobs theatre, Apple Park. As usual, the keynote starts at 10AM PDT. For those who are not invited, can watch the live-stream of the event as it unfolds. Apple will update its website to incorporate the live-streaming option few hours prior to the keynote.

A lot of iPhones

The company is expected to release numerous new iPhones, maybe more than last year. The iPhone 11 being the standard flagship model, alongside a Pro model of the same. The new addition could be a smaller,compact iPhone with a 5.4” screen. Since the introduction of the iPhone X, the company has not released a single compact phone, so this would seem like a perfect time to do so. Also expected is an upgraded version of the iPhone XR with an OLED panel and a dual-camera setup.

The iPhone Pro models as the rumours name them are expected to sport a set of three cameras. The third lens could very well be a wide-angle shooter for those group photos and all the crazy stuff. Would the megapixel of the main shooter increase? Can’t say. Apple has stuck to 12 megapixels for a long time now, it would be nice to see an incremental upgrade.

Other nifty features like bi-directional wireless charging to charge AirPods from the iPhone’s back has also been rumoured. FaceID unlock and authentication speeds are expected to improve, along with improvements to the battery-life. Also, some rumours suggest that Apple will use a shatter-resistance technology to improve the durability of the iPhones. 

Join us on 10th of September at 10AM PDT for more updates!


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