The iPhone 11’s affordable price tag of $699 has made it a very popular device in the smartphone market. Well, it’s not exactly cheap but compared to the $999 tag and upwards on the iPhone 11 Pro models, it’s a much sweeter deal.

iPhone 11 Pro

According to Apple Insider, Apple is very likely to have solid more than 12 million units of the iPhone 11 since its launch in September. In terms of pure numbers, that’s a fifteen percent increase over the sales of last year’s iPhone XR.

$699 iPhone is the most popular

iPhone 11 Pro sales down by 15%, says Zhang

With strong iPhone 11 sales, Apple is reportedly working on increasing the production of the iPhone 11. According to Jun Zhang, an analyst for Rosenblatt Securities, the iPhone 11 manufacturing could be increased by about 1.6 million units.

Along with the news regarding the iPhone 11, Zhang also reports that, due to lackluster sales of the iPhone 11 Pro Max, Apple will reduce the manufacturing of the same by around 2 million units. The iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max sales are reportedly down by fifteen percent compared to the previous generation iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max.

iPhone SE2 is coming next year

iPhone SE first gen
iPhone SE first gen

Next year, Apple is expected to launch the iPhone SE 2, the successor to the original compact phone. It will very likely be priced at $399 just like the first generation model. Zhang believes that Apple will manufacture three million units of the iPhone SE 2 every quarter after its release. However, Zhang’s report contradict with reports by other noted Apple analysts which suggest Apple to manufacture a huge number of iPhone SE 2s.

According to Apple Insider, Zhang has always been a little too pessimistic when it comes to forecasting the company’s fortune compared to other Apple analysts. Also, he has been very negative of the ever increasing services business of Apple. 


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