The iPhone XS was the flagship phone Apple was offering a few months ago. In September, Apple unveiled the iPhone 11 and the iPhone Pro models with new camera systems and some changes under-the-hood. Many jumped to conclusions by saying that the new iPhones are not worth upgrading over the iPhone XS.

Should you upgrade to iPhone 11 Pro from iPhone XS?

However, I argue that the biggest change in the iPhone 11 is the removal of 3D Touch feature. Apple unveiled the force sensitive 3D Touch feature with the iPhone 6S. At the time it showed promise, however the feature never took off. Don’t get me wrong, the feature is extremely useful in some scenarios – it helps get tasks done quickly.

Removal of 3D Touch: For the best

Should you upgrade to iPhone 11 Pro from iPhone XS?

But the 3D Touch layer in the iPhone took quite an amount of space. In phones, space has to be considered very carefully for every component as power is not supplied 24×7 to the devices. Battery life is very important in handheld devices and by removing 3D Touch in the new iPhone models, Apple has been able to incorporate bigger batteries.

According to Apple, the iPhone 11 Pro will run for an additional four hours over the iPhone XS and the iPhone Pro Max will run for an additional five hours over the the iPhone XS Max. The iPhones were never considered battery champs. If not battery champs, the phones should at-least run till the end of the day which most iPhones have failed to do so.

The iPhone XR changed the scenario by not incorporating the 3D Touch and also the fact that it used a lower resolution display, it was/is able to offer a great battery backup. The critics applauded the iPhone XR for its great battery performance and it very likely had an effect on Apple.

So if you have an iPhone XS and hate the battery life, the iPhone 11 and the iPhone Pro models are definitely worth considering. But if you could wait for another year, the next year’s iPhone models are expected to offer a new design. However, if you need a phone right now: get the iPhone 11 Pro without any second thoughts.


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