Apple is using recycled rare earths in the iPhone 11

The Cupertino based company Apple has been one of the major players in the field of environmental friendliness. For a long time now, Apple has maintained its stance on using “PVC free” components in its Macs.

The idea of making “environmentally friendly” products is now moving to the iPhone. Apple is reportedly using 100% recycled rare earths in its new iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, and iPhone 11 Pro Max for some components.

The Taptic Engine which is used to provide haptic feedback, reportedly accounts for 1/4th of the rare materials used in the iPhones. So Apple has decided to use recycled materials to create the Taptic Engine for the iPhone 11 models. “This is the first time any recycled rare earth materials have been used in any smartphone,” says Greg Joswiak, Apple’s VP of Product Marketing.

This process of using recycled rare earths, Apple is able to reduce mining of such materials from the earth. “What we’re doing for the environment starts at the very beginning and it’s what we are thinking about when we’re designing the phone,” says Joswiak. Apple sells millions of iPhones in just a few days, it’s one of the most important product lines that could have a positive impact on the environment.

Apple’s Lisa Jackson, VP of Environment, Policy and Social Initiatives,says that it’s the only company doing this kind of work in the smartphone industry and also adds that it shouldn’t be the case. If all the smartphone manufacturers start following Apple’s path, it would be a great job for the environment. Smartphones are the most sold electronic devices in this generation and making its manufacturing process “environmentally friendly,” would be the right way going forward.

Apple recently released the iPhone 11 which starts $699 while the iPhone 11 Pro has been priced at $1099 for the base variant.

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