iPhone 11 sales exceed expectations

Apple’s new iPhone are turning out to be pretty popular as multiple reports cite the phones being sold like hot cakes. According to Bloomberg, the sales figures of the iPhone 11 are higher than what was initially expected. The credit should be given to the more affordable iPhone 11 which starts at $699 compared to last year’s $749, making it $300 less than the iPhone 11 Pro.

Apple had reportedly asked its suppliers to manufacture 70-75 million iPhones for the year 2019. However with sales figures beating the expectation, the company has reportedly asked its suppliers to increase production. Also, Apple CEO Tim Cook recently told Bild, a German newspaper that the new iPhone 11 models have a “very strong start”.

iPhone 11 is affordable for a lot people

iPhone 11 sales exceed expectations

The iPhone 11 is perfect for a lot of people as it offers a lot of new features without compromising much and does not cost an arm and a leg. Apple’s move to cut $50 off of the iPhone 11 is starting to show a positive repel effect with sales booming. 

In the recent past, it was reported that the sales of the iPhone slowed down as people were upgrading their phone less often. By offering its latest phones for a cheaper price, Apple has found the trick to make people upgrade. The iPhone 11 is powered by A13 Bionic chip which according to Apple, is the fastest smartphone chip in the market coupled with 4GB of RAM. 

Stellar camera performance

iPhone 11 sales exceed expectations

The iPhone 11 has two cameras on the back – a main shooter and an ultra-wide shooter whereas the iPhone 11 Pro packs the same along with an extra telephoto lens. Both the phones have received extremely positive reviews for their great camera performances.

Another reason for increase in sales of the iPhones could be attributed to the fact that iOS 13 brings a lot of new features like Dark Mode and people with older generation iPhones which do not support iOS 13 are very likely upgrading.

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