iPhone 11 submerged for 6 months gets returned to owner

A Chilliwack diver has recently dug up an iPhone 11 on the lake bottom and promptly returned the device to its owner.

Clayton and Heather Helkenberg regularly dives in lakes to retrieve dropped items and trash. When they dove in Harrison Lake, the couple found an iPhone and a flip phone, among others.

Clayton, in an interview with CBC said he brought the iPhone 11 home, cleaned and charged it and was surprised to see that it turned on. Although the smartphone had speaker and mic issues it was still in working condition.

The Chilliwack resident then slotted the sim and called the original owner, Fatemeh Ghodsi of Vancouver. Ghodsi mentioned how she dropped it in September as they were out riding a boat on the lake. Staff members told her it was impossible to retrieve, to which she was forced to go home empty-handed.

Ghodsi received a text telling her that her iPhone 11 was found, and she went to get it back from Clayton.

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