It has just been three months since Apple released the iPhone 11 and the iPhone 11 Pro phones. But that does not matter to the rumour mill and the latest rumours suggest that next year will be a big booming year for Apple. According to the reports, the company will release multiple iPhones at different time periods.

Will Apple release iPhone 11R in 2020?

The authenticity of the rumours cannot be commented upon at the moment as the next Phone release (September) is months away. However, one likely event that has been rumoured and could turn out to be true is the second generation of the iPhone which will reportedly release in March of 2020.

Time to kick-off the 5G race

Next year will supposedly be the 5G year as most smartphone manufacturers start pushing phones with new network bands. Apple will also reportedly, join the bandwagon as soon as next year by releasing a 5G capable iPhone.

Will Apple release iPhone 11R in 2020?

It is difficult to imagine how the 2020 lineup of the iPhone will look like. Two devices are very likely to come out: the second generation iPhone SE and the flagship 5G iPhone. It remains to be seen whether Apple will release a successor to the standard iPhone 11. If the company does release the device, will it be named the iPhone 11R?

The iPhone 11 turned out to be the most popular of the year as it is comparatively cheaper this year compared to the iPhone 11 Pro. It costs $300 less compared to the iPhone 11 Pro and $400 compared to the iPhone 11 Pro Max. It also has a larger screen compared to the iPhone 11 Pro but the resolution is lower. The iPhone 11 is also $50 this year compared to the iPhone XR which sold for $749 whereas the iPhone 11 retails for $699.

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