For long, Apple has taken two years to update its phones with new design. There is always an “S” version after a major overhaul of the iPhone; the “S” version being an incremental upgrade on the inside without any major design changes. 

This is the iPhone 11 device by Apple.

Apple only skipped the iPhone 7S and the iPhone 8S but continued the trend with the iPhone X by releasing the iPhone XS. The naming of the iPhones changed dramatically when Apple decide to skip the iPhone 9 and introduced the iPhone X (roman number ten) along with the iPhone 8 by skipping the iPhone 7S. The iPhone X (10)  and the iPhone 8 were released at the same time in September 2017.

The question now is whether Apple will release the iPhone 11S or the next version of the device will move onto be named the iPhone 12 or a completely new naming strategy. The iPhone 12 seems to me the very likely choice as the next iPhone, according to top Apple analysts will ditch the old design of the iPhone X in favour of a fresh new take.

The next iPhone will reportedly have a smaller notch compared to the notch found on the iPhone 11. It will be made possible by Apple being able to miniaturize the FaceID components, light sensors and cameras to fit in a small space. The design of the phone will also be slightly or very different but it will definitely not be similar to the current generation iPhones, according to various analysts.

The design changes could very well be enough for Apple to give the next iPhone a completely new number and not call it the iPhone 11S. The next iPhone could very well also support 5G – the new and upcoming network band which will supposedly offer gigabit internet speeds.

We bet on iPhone 12. What do you think Apple will name the next iPhone?


Abhay Ram is a News Editor at iLounge. He has been writing about the Apple ecosystem and accessories since 2010. Abhay's work has been featured in various publications. When he's not writing about all things Apple, you can find him playing video games or enjoying a good cup of coffee.