iPhone 12 could have a 120Hz display

A report in 2019 from DigiTimes suggested that the 2020 iPhones will use 120 Hz displays. The current generation iPhone 11 models use the standard 60 Hz displays. The use of 120 Hz displays on phones like the Razer Phone 2, Asus ROG Phone and Xiaomi Redmi K30 has shown that the advantages of having a “high refresh” display is quite enormous.

Not only will the interaction with the display for various swipes be smoother but also gaming will be heavenly on a device with a 120 Hz display. Apple itself makes the iPad Pro which uses a high refresh 120 Hz display. Tech reviewers had fallen in love back in 2018 when the redesigned iPad Pro launched with the 120 Hz display.

iPhone 12 could have a 120Hz display

Sources from China suggest that Apple is currently looking forward to adopting the same refresh rate from the iPad Pro onto the iPhone 12. The feature alone will help Apple push sales beyond expectation as a lot of people who have been holding onto their old iPhones waiting for a massive upgrade will be delighted.

The iPhone 12 models will have a lot of new features, especially a new design as the current generation iPhone design is close to being three years old. Various reports pertaining to the iPhone 12 have shown that Apple will ditch the notch on the iPhone 12 in favour of a thin bezel at the top which will carry the selfie camera and the FaceID components.

Some rumours have also suggested that Apple will add an in-display fingerprint reader onto the iPhone 12. However, these claims appear to be baseless as Apple already packs FaceID which is far more superior in a lot of ways. There is also the speculation about Apple finally releasing a 5G supported iPhone along with a mini 5.4” OLED iPhone.