iPhone 12 to use 5nm chips, suggests report


2020 is supposed to be an exciting year for the iPhone (and iPhone fans). It has been two plus years since the release of the iPhone X which introduced a new bezel less design. However, next year will be different, as the company is reportedly working on bringing a new design to the iPhone.

iPhone 12 to use 5nm chips, suggests report

One another important takeaway from the 2020 iPhone rumours is that it will reportedly use a 5nm processor. Basically less the nanometers measure, the greater the efficiency of the product. At present, the iPhone 11 uses Apple’s 7nm A13 Bionic chip which is already pretty efficient coupled with the company’s software optimizations.

Also, this year has been good for the iPhone as the company ditched 3D Touch in favour of a bigger battery. If the next year’s iPhone will indeed use a 5nm Apple designed chip, then we can expect the battery life to improve even further.

Along with 5G and more

iPhone 12 Pro is reported to also support 5G as more and more carriers, especially in the US warm-up for the 5G wars. However, it has been reported that only one version of the iPhone 12 will support 5G as the network will definitely be ready by next year for mass usage. We are looking at another two to three years before we can expect strong 5G network.

The next year’s iPhone could very well also do away with the big notch on the front in favour of a smaller, more subtle notch as the company looks for ways to miniaturize its FaceID tech. Apple is also reportedly working on bringing back TouchID to the iPhone by packaging the feature under the display but it’s unclear as to why the company would do so when people already find FaceID to be robust.

What features do you think next year’s iPhone will pack? 


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