Apple starts assembling iPhone 12 in India

Apple released the iPhone 12 in October last year, a month later than the usual yearly launch. Due to supply chain constraints, the company had to postpone the launch. While the device continues to sell like hot cakes, it has not performed particularly well in India. The reason behind the lackluster sales in India is the very high selling price of the phone in the market. 

However, the situation will soon change, as Apple has confirmed that it has begun assembling the iPhone 12 base model in India. As a result, the company will not have to pay a heavy import duty on the iPhone 12 model. At present, only the iPhone 11 and the iPhone XR are being assembled in India.

The iPhone 12 introduced a slightly refreshed design with its chamfered edges – a throwback to the aluminium iPhone 5. The device is particularly interesting with its boxy design instead of the curved round edges of the iPhone 11. Also, the standard iPhone 12 uses an OLED panel instead of a dull LCD as the one found on the iPhone 11.

The iPhone 12 is a perfect smartphone at $829 – it’s not cheap but it’s cheaper than the iPhone 12 Pro which starts at $999. The pricing of the phone was not done properly in India, as the company is still working on ramping up assembling and manufacturing processes in the country. Apple also exports some of the iPhones assembled in India to other countries.

The whole of the tech industry is looking for alternative manufacturing and assembling plants apart from China. Last year, the coronavirus pandemic shook the whole world and also companies suffered from supply chain issues as the production was not diversified across the globe. However, the situation appears to be changing as companies look for more locations to diversify the production of their products.

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