Don’t buy the iPhone 12 – wait!


Apple introduced the iPhone 12 last year in the month of October. However, the company is expected to launch its flagship iPhone 13 series for this year in September, the usual month for iPhone release. The only reason the iPhone 12 was released in October last year was due to supply chain constraints which arose because of the coronavirus pandemic.

Don’t buy the iPhone 12 – wait!

The iPhone 12 is still a very decent smartphone but you should not buy the phone right now, as its price is expected to be reduced by $100 on September 14. Apple is holding an event on September 14 to unveil the iPhone 13 series and as always, the price of the iPhone 12 will very likely be reduced.

iPhone 13 series is right around the corner

At the moment, the price of the iPhone 12 is $829 whereas in a week, its price could fall down to $699 or $729 (USD). The iPhone 12 is a solid phone with an OLED display, the first non-Pro (or sub $900) iPhone to use an OLED display. The OLED display was first introduced on the iPhone X but the company reserved the display only for the higher end $999 price tag phones for a year. It changed in 2020 when Apple introduced the iPhone 12 with an OLED display.

iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 mini

The iPhone 12 mini retails for $729, however, it is expected to be discontinued and replaced by the upcoming iPhone 13 mini which will bring noticeable new improvements. The most important could be improved battery life on the ‘mini’ version of the iPhone. While the iPhone 12 mini largely received positive reviews, most people did not seem to appreciate the smaller battery on the inside.

If you are planning on buying a new iPhone, wait. Apple’s ‘California streaming’ event is just a couple of days away. The event is set to stream on YouTube at 10AM PDT on 14 September.

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