iPhone 12 will ship without charger in box


Apple is scheduled to release its flagship iPhone lineup in the month of September this year. A lot of details about the phones have leaked such as the LiDAR sensor on the Pro models, 120Hz high refresh displays, improved cameras, and OLED panels on all the iPhones 12 models.

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But it looks like not all the details regarding the upcoming phones are out yet. A fresh report by Ming-Chi Kuo, analyst at KGI Securities, reads that the upcoming iPhone 12 models will ship without a charging adaptor in the box. While it’s unclear why Apple will not package the charger in the box, people with some information about it have reported that the company is making such a move as part of its green (environment) initiative.

By not packing the charging in the box, Apple will be able to reduce the number of chargers being shipped and also reduce the size of the phone’s box. All of this results in less impact on the environment as less e-waste will be generated.

The thinking behind this move, according to analysts, is that people already have a lot of chargers and shipping a new one is unnecessary. If somebody really needs a new charger, they could purchase it separately.

It will also enable Apple to keep the price of its phones low by around $20 or so. It has been reported by some that the company is making moves to keep the price of its upcoming 5G phones the same as that of the current generation iPhone 11 models. However, at iLounge, we do not think that is the reason – it’s absurd that a company as big as Apple will go such lengths to reduce its price by around $20.

Apple is expected to launch its new iPhones in the fall of 2020.

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