iPhone 12: Small notch, new design, compact size


We are eight months away from the release of the next iPhone. However, that does not stop the rumour mill from churning out interesting notes and the leaksters from leaking information. The next iPhone which will supposedly be named the iPhone 12 will bring a new design to the table, according to noted Apple analysts and famed leaksters.

iPhone 11 Pro

The design of the iPhone 11 Pro is the same as the iPhone X and the iPhone XS, making it three year old design which of course the iPhone 12 won’t inherit. However, the question remains as to whether the design of the iPhone 12 be “completely fresh” or will it just be a tad different.

There is nothing drastically wrong with the iPhone X design language, it’s actually very premium looking with the notch. But as time passes, humans expect to see something fresh and one major request has been a “smaller notch”. The notch on the bezel less iPhones is quite large but it serves a purpose i.e pack the tech used for facial recognition and its the best in the industry. 

No other smartphone manufacturer can match Apple’s FaceID in terms of speed and reliability. We can only expect the tech to get better and at the same time be miniaturized – with the advancement in the making of the sensors, we can expect Apple to pack a much smaller notch this year.

Also, Apple is reportedly considering releasing a smaller version of the bezel less iPhone. At present, the iPhone 11 Pro comes in only two sizes – 5.8” and 6.4”. The company is reportedly working on a compact 5.4” screen flagship iPhone which will serve the needs of the people who prefer a small sized phone.

However, before the release of the iPhone 12, we are very likely to see Apple release a low-cost iPhone in March.


Abhay Ram

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