iPhone 12 to likely have LiDAR scanner

It’s unclear whether Apple will release its flagship iPhone 12 this year as the world operations have been badly affected by the coronavirus pandemic. Whenever the device may release – this year or early next year – multiple reports have suggested that the device will have a LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) sensor on the back.

Apple recently renewed the iPad Pro by adding the LiDAR sensor, the ultrawide sensor and some minor changes. The LiDAR sensor helps in improving the augmented reality (AR) apps and in the end, improves the overall experience of such a reality.

When is iPhone 12 coming out
iPhone 12 to likely have LiDAR scanner

The LiDAR sensor uses light to measure range and will help AR objects stay in place more consistently as it is better at its job than the regular camera sensor and the algorithms that accommodate such features. The experience of using augmented reality apps and features in apps like Instagram, Snapchat (in the future) could be more consistent.

Tech bloggers have reported that the new iPad Pro is able to load AR content more speedily compared to the old iPad Pro. Well, the speed improvements are very likely in milliseconds and right now, not many people use AR apps as they do not offer much at the moment.

Augmented Reality (AR) will definitely play a big role in the future but right now, the technology is just not mature and developers have not figured out any proper use cases yet. Some over the head AR glasses have shown off a future where people will not require TVs as they will be able to project a large TV display using the AR technology.

The future is exciting as companies bring new fresh technologies to their devices. The iPhone 12 will very likely use the LiDAR sensor but that will not be one of the reasons to buy the phone as it will few years before the technology turns more mainstream.