iPhone 12 to be manufactured in India, reports Nikkei Asia

Apple will start manufacturing the iPhones 12 models in India, reports Nikkei Asia. The company already assembles the iPhone XR, the iPhone SE (2020), and the iPhone 11 at various plants across India. The addition of the latest model will further reduce the reliance on China for production.

The iPhone 12 series was introduced by Apple in October 2020 – the first 5G phones from the company. Usually, iPhones are released in September but due to the coronavirus pandemic, the supply chain was reportedly hit by roadblocks.

iPhone 12s

As soon as this quarter

The report by Nikkei states that the production of iPhone 12 series in India could start “as soon as this quarter” – before the end of March. India is the second largest base for making iPhones after China, so it’s a natural choice to add iPhone 12 to the list.

iPhone 11
iPhone 11

The selling prices of the iPhone XR, the iPhone 11, and the iPhone SE (2020) have reduced heavily after Apple started assembling the devices in India. By local assembly of the iPhone models, the company is able to avoid paying the import duty on the specific models levied by the Indian government.

Apple has reportedly also been exporting phones locally made in India to other countries. In 2020, Apple had set a target of exporting $40 billion worth “Made In India” iPhones, according to Inc42. The addition of iPhone 12 to the “Made In India” program will help increase sales of iPhone in India as the price will fall.

The tech industry continues to look for alternatives to China for manufacturing their products as trade wars continue and also because the coronavirus pandemic has shown the horrifying picture of relying solely on China for the production of all products. Tech companies are decentralising the manufacturing of their products across the globe to reduce reliance on China.