iPhone 12 5.4″ to cost $549, rumor suggests

Apple is set to release its flagship phones for 2020 in the month of September. While rumours earlier suggested that the release could be postponed, fresh reports suggest that the company could be getting back on track to release the iPhone 12 on time.

The rumours suggest that the iPhone 12 base model will have a 5.4” screen – OLED this time unlike the LCD panel on the iPhone 11. However, the most interesting detail of the phone which has leaked is its price – it will reportedly start at $549 – a sweet price point.

iPhone 12 5.4″ to cost $549, rumor suggests

If Apple does price the iPhone 12 at $549 – it will be a major hit for the company, even giving the iPhone SE a run for its money. The new iPhones ofcourse pack Apple’s latest A13 (attached with a cool name) chip and the RAM could be 4GB at least for the 5.4” iPhone 12 and higher for the larger models.

One of the most interesting aspects of the recent iPhones has been their battery life. The recent iPhones have ditched 3D Touch and have larger batteries packed inside them that they run for a day or longer with an average screen-on-time of 7 hours.

However, we still do not know whether Apple will finally give up on the slow 5W charger that it shipped with the iPhone 11 and the iPhone XR. All the current generation iPhones pack large batteries and charging them with a slow charger takes hours. On the other hand, in the Android world, most phones that cost less than $200, now ship with fast 15W or 18W charger as default.

The 5.4” iPhone 12 is beginning to look like the most interesting option in the upcoming iPhone lineup. If Apple gets the pricing right in key countries like India, the company could see huge success.